Womb Initiation Journey

6-week online programme for women to step into your menstrual, creative and sexual power by journeying through your menstrual seasons, female archetypes, rituals and embodiment practices from womb yoga, qigong, taoist and tantric tradition. 
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Starting date

8th October 2022


6 weeks



A few more words about this course

This 6-week online programme for women teaches you how to create more balance in your body by consciously working with your womb and menstrual cycle. Your menstrual cycle becomes your most trusted inner guide to unlocking your menstrual, creative and sexual powers and to awakening your womb power. It is a path to your wholeness. This is Your Initiation into womanhood that you always wished you received as a young girl.

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  • Modern and ancient teachings around your menstrual cycle
  • 4 phases of your cycle including hormonal changes in your body and how this affects you on a physical, emotional, mental level, what are strengths and possible challenges of each phase, how you can work with each phase and harness its natural powers so you can thrive and blossom 
  • Embodiment practices for women from Womb Yoga, Taoist and Tantric tradition including conscious movement, breathwork, meditations, energy work, relaxation 
  • Initiation rituals into your womanhood
  • Feminine archetypal wisdom related to each phase of your cycle
Most content is pre-recorded that you can do in your own time. We will have live ceremonies via zoom every Tuesday at 18.30 - 21.00 GMT to connect with your fellow womb sisters and embody each phase of your menstrual cycle in ritual and sacred feminine practices. 

your facilitator

Tao-tantric Feminine Arts
Martina is a certified womb yoga teacher and sacred feminine facilitator from Tao-Tantric Arts. Her great passion is to empower women on their path to wholeness by guiding them to reconnect with wisdom in their womb, yoni and heart. She teaches women how to live and create in harmony with their menstrual cycle and to remember infinite creative power in their womb. Her work also helps women to redefine their relationship to their body, sexuality, and pleasure with tools from tantra, taoism and conscious sexuality.

Course reviews

"Martina taught us ancient women wisdom about our menstrual cycle and helped us map our own menstrual cycle - this simple thing gave me a new way to connect deeply to my body and self. It helped me to see my mood changes around the month and be aware of the patterns, which I haven't seen before. Being connected to my menstrual cycle and practicing the womb yoga really helps me connect to my feminine power and to my yoni - I love it! "
"Martina provided a soothing, welcoming and safe place for us women that participated in the womb circle. I enjoyed the knowledge she would share with us at the beginning of each session, the guidance through the exercises, allowing us to feel our emotions in a very natural way. It was a very caring, safe experience. I was able to tap into deep emotions with lightness and care."
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