Womb Initiation Journey

6-week online program for women to step into your menstrual, creative and sexual power by journeying through your menstrual seasons, female archetypes, rituals and embodiment practices from womb yoga, qigong, taoist and tantric tradition. 


Starting date

11th January 2024


6 weeks



step into your menstrual, creative, sexual power

This 6-week online program for women teaches you how to create more balance in your body by consciously working with your menstrual cycle and activating your womb power. Your menstrual cycle becomes your most trusted inner guide to unlocking your menstrual, creative and sexual powers. It is a path to your wholeness. This is Your Initiation into womanhood that you always wished you received as a young girl. 


what will you learn

Modern and ancient teachings about your menstrual cycle

Initiation rituals & feminine archetypal wisdom related to each phase of your cycle

4 phases of your menstrual cycle

Hormonal changes in your body and how this affects you on a physical, emotional, mental level, what are strengths and possible challenges of each phase, how you can work with each phase and harness its natural powers so you can thrive and blossom 

embodiment practices to support you in each phase of your cycle

Womb Yoga, Taoist and Tantric tradition including conscious movement, breathwork, meditations, energy work, relaxation 

pre-recorded practices and live online ceremonies

We will have live ceremonies via zoom every Tuesday at 18.30 - 21.00 GMT to connect with your fellow womb sisters and embody each phase of your menstrual cycle in ritual and sacred feminine practices. 

Course Lessons

what some participants experienced


“My personal path of diving into female body wisdom has brought a whole new depth into my life as a woman. Working with Martina has supported me in reconnecting myself to a deep ancient knowing, wisdom and power. This enabled me to go through a process of shedding old pain and experiencing profound healing. And it also inspired me to make more space for honouring, enjoying and celebrating my body, female cycle and daily rituals. I wish this for every woman!!”
      " The womb initiation journey was life-changing. It gave me a greater understanding of myself: body, emotions, anatomy, energy, relationships with others, connection with Nature, which in turn made me feel proud of being a woman and made me feel empowered to be my true self and heal a lot of shame, guilt and repression that I believe we carry collectively as women. This made me feel inspired for a better future where all women can be unapologetically themselves."
“I wish I had learned about the magic of our menstrual cycle already as a teenager. My personal key lessons are to take better care of myself and my needs and to make better use of my creative and reflective phases along my cycle. I now better understand what it means to honour my body and my blood. The course is beautifully designed – structure and content-wise, but also aesthetic-wise and provides a well-balanced mixture of self-paced learning and live ceremonies.”
"Martina's work has been deeply impactful and inspiring to me. It has led me to further dive into my creativity and power and dance with the pleasures of life. In reconnecting to my pleasure I have also reawakened my curiosity, my openness to pleasure, and the pleasurable experiences life has to hold. Pleasure as re-discovery and the joy of being with acceptance and uncertainty. Reaffirming my own sexuality and sensuality and being with the fluidity and sometimes even unpredictability nature of it. I am grateful for Martina and the resonance I feel to her kind, compassionate, and gentle nature and approach to femininity. "
“The Womb Journey is a very important course in the field of personal development. It allowed me to learn and reconnect to my inner wisdom and power, learn about the physical, but also mystical aspects around womanhood and the female body and how to live more in tune with my monthly cycles. Being connected to my menstrual cycle and practicing the womb yoga really helps me connect to my feminine power and to my yoni - I love it! "
" One of the most profound journeys I have taken. This course is filled with so much knowledge and practices that made a real impact on my life and body. I am so, so happy to have found this course and Martina is an amazing teacher. I was looking forward to our meetings every week, and the practices in the morning. Would recommend it to every woman in the world who seeks to understand her body and power better."

your facilitator

Tao-tantric Feminine Arts
Martina is a certified womb yoga teacher and sacred feminine facilitator from Tao-Tantric Arts. Her great passion is to empower women on their path to wholeness by guiding them to reconnect with wisdom in their womb, yoni and heart. She teaches women how to live and create in harmony with their menstrual cycle and to remember infinite creative power in their womb. Her work also helps women to redefine their relationship to their body, sexuality, and pleasure with tools from tantra, taoism and conscious sexuality.
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