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Yoni egg mysteries

Women's guide to Taoist secrets of vitality, sexual empowerment, healing and radiance. 

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21st May


6 weeks



Yoni egg is an ancient healing and transformative tool that supports women’s health, creativity and sexuality. 

Yoni, a Sanskrit word for vagina, literally means a sacred temple, a sacred gateway. In the ancient Taoist tradition, a vagina was worshipped as a cosmic portal to the universe where all life comes from. Taoists knew that she was a portal to powerful life-force energy that can be used to create whatever you desire. And they developed crystal egg practices to activate and harness this life-giving energy.

Yoni egg mysteries is a feminine journey of homecoming and expansion into love where your sex and spirit meets. It
teaches you how to relax in your sensual, wild, erotic nature and create a more intimate and loving relationship with yourself.

yoni egg can help you

~ Awaken and cultivate your creative and sexual energy

~ Increase sensitivity in your yoni

~ Activate blissful waves of pleasure in your whole body

~ Become more orgasmic

~ Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for a strong, yet relaxed pussy that enhances health and vitality

~ Heal old conditioning, past wounds and create a new, empowered relationship with yourself and your sexuality

~ Harmonize hormonal imbalances

~ Love and appreciate your body, feel more sexi and body confident
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What's included in this 6-week program?

  • Weekly video and audios content
  • Weekly LIVE guided rituals
  • Course support group
  • 1 - year free access to future rounds 

what will you learn ?

  • Explore your pleasure anatomy

  • Cultivate deep presence in your sacred pelvic bowl

  • Taoist healing sounds to clear and transmute stuck emotions

  • Wands of light - womb clearing practice

  • Breathing practices including Microcosmic breathing and Ovarian breathing

  • Delicious breast massage practices to sensitize your breasts, clear toxins and awaken healthy energy flow

  • A variety of yoni egg practices to develop a profound connection with your yoni

  • Map and activate your yoni reflexology points

  • De-armoring practices to release stored tensions, memories and emotions in your body and yoni

  • Manifest your deepest longings and desires with the power of your sexual energy

  • And a lot more ...

early bird until 7th May

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